This new thread is for all new members to introduce themselves and to receive a warm welcome from existing members. Tell us a little about yourself. For example, where you live, how long you have been a fan... or if you have just discovered Sade since listening to her new album. Whoever you are, we'd love to get to know you better!

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Hey I am Eve Soto I LOVE SADE and appreciate her music & writing.
She inspired me to write and sing over 20 years ago when I heard "Cherry Pie".
Since then I have been teaching, writing and singing. All of her songs take to a very specific time or event in my life!
Love u Ms. ADU!!

Love U Ms. ADU!!!

Eve Soto

Hi everybody !!!!!! My name is Steven I am from the happiest country in the world ( costa rica ) Sade is my favorite artist, I love her music I really love her !!!!! I have never seen her and that is my dream !!!!! she has never been in my country !!!!! and i would like to see her but she has been hidden !!!!!

hi 66 year old guy called will .driving hime late one night from many long business trips and yet again heard Sade sing no ordinery love and fell in love with her voice and the sheer drive of her backing music .will stay forever

Hello Sade Fans, My name is ard, I'm from Portugal. I've been a fan of Sade ever since i was a teenager. 29 years later I still feel like a teenager when I listen any success of Sade. Live video Bring Me Home - 2011 had a very creative stage production. I believe Portugal needs a visit of Sade. Congratulations to all: Sade Adu (with her lustrous voice), musicians, instrumentists, producers and all of us, unconditional fans!
Best Regards.

Hello my name is Shannon Jones and I am from Memphis, TN in the United States. Where the best ribs represents Memphis, TN. I have listen Sade's music for years now. Some of her songs along with her videos are kinda slow, but the words she sings show a person of her heart has been hurt and untrust worthy from that individual. The band of Sade is a art of realistic voices and oceans sounds of her music, it all fits Sade's style and vocal voice from her mouth. I know she has enjoyed what God has given her. A special gifted voice and wonderful people to work with for band members. I hope Sade know that hers fans always love and stuck by her, even in her absences from radio for some years. But that's alright everyone needs a vacation, to get their life and selves together. It's not always about other people, sometimes time for yourself is about you. And Sade has proven herself from the 2011 tour concert, the she still has what has never gone away. I wasn't surprise of Sade's coming back to her fans. Her voice, style, and music is like those old times of her music never went away. So Mrs. Sade if you ever read this blog. These are my Thank you for sharing what God has given to you. And you letting the world share your singing gift with us. Thank You.

Hi, I like to call my self TailorMade(long story). I have been a fan since 84'( I was probably 6yrs old then) and will be for live. almost all of her music is my fav. she always come hard(Always) but adds her style and taste of creativity of the moment which I feel puts her ahead of her time and keeps her there. She never follows a trend but makes them while setting a standard for the decade. But what stands out the most...Sade and her music is never get tired of listening to her.(not to mention she is fine as hell haha..hehe) I use to play the sax and make music in a studio so I can appreciate good music. I never got a chance to meet anyone famous other waymen tisdale(R.I.P) and probably never will but if I did I would say Thanks for adding life to the world through your music for decades to come.
Your Fan,

hello Sade I live in Australia Victoria Lake Entrance , a fan, long time , my name Steven, enough about me , I'm please to have any opportunity to converse with people who make such good music , a pleasure ,thank you ,

I´ve loved your music since the 80´s. Now I just want to say...I can´t live without your music so pleace GIVE ME MORE!

Hi, my name is André and I love SADE music since I was at the age of 14 (1985) I am from Germany, but I live since 8 years in Cape Town / South Africa

I flew to the SADE event in Las Vegas (USA) and Leipzig (Germany) last Year.

Now I will say thank you for ther music and the chance to seen SADE live in concert and from February I planning the following Project.

(short Introducing.)
A journey through Africa to the voice of soul

Explore your visions, live your dreams...let them become true. Do what you wish to do and don’t ask if it’s useful or trendy, if others like it or find it silly.
If you think that something is good for you, then do it, and you will never regret a missed chance.

Follow your inner voice

.......As a little boy at the tender age of 14, I heard a voice on the radio which almost took my breath away, so elegant, so natural, so tender and sensitive.
It was the voice of SADE and it was playing "Frankie´s first affair"......

Today, 27 years later, I would like to say THANK YOU.
THANK YOU for the music, which has accompanied me all these years. THANK YOU for two amazing concerts I was able to experience.

For this reason on February 2013,
I will start a bicycle tour through Africa to invite fans of the entire continent to send SADE messages which I will collect during my 22,000 km long trip over 2 years. And in the end - if possible - I will hand them over to SADE.

On my tour I will tell the tale of little NALA, a 6 year old South African girl, which I brought to life once while listening to the SADE song "SALLY"
She travels across the continent and inspires people to follow their dreams.

Maybe some time your dream will become true as well and perhaps SADE will play a concert near you.

The project is about meeting artists from all over Africa and creating NALA art work which will be shown and sold in an exhibition in Europe.

Well guys, if you want and if you are in the mood to support me on my tour – be it as messages, as inspirations, as thoughts, as recommendations, as assistance or whatever you can think of, then you are very welcome at me project:

I hope we see you there
André and NALA

Hi All Sade Fans

I am Liz, 23 years old and absolutely LOVE Sade. I cannot understand why she hasn't come to South Africa as yet. She has so many fans here. My favourite song of hers is "Kiss of Life" and "Your love is king". I have never come across any artist who's music is so sincere and real, whilst being cool. More than anything though Shout out to my mum for introducing me to her amazing music.

I hope all of you are good.

Hi i'm Brian and have been a Sade fan from the day I was born 27 years ago, my Mum says she'd find Sade was the only music that calmed me down when i was a baby boy.. well, so now I'm just totally a fan. Where can we discuss the meanings of the songs? the lyrics i mean.

Hey, my name is Vicky from South Africa! My mom was thee biggest fan, basically grew up listening to Sade! Just love the music have all your CD' s and patiently waiting for Sade to come visit us in South Africa! It's been too long please come to SA!!!!!!

Hello , I'm 39 , and am a musician and Father and sole bread winner. I somehow picked up Sade's Greatest hits CD years ago about 1996. I listened to classic rock , metal , southern rock , and some top 40. Her type of music wasn't really my cup of tea. But the emotion and intensity blew me away. The best way I can describe it is ELEGANT SENSUALITY ! The music fills my room with longing for love , a full experience of sexual pleasure , heartache , sadness , and a whole gauntlet of emotions. The greatest thing i have learned is that she actually writes her lyrics and has a part in the songwritting process which to me adds a whole other level of likeability to the music. The exotic sounds , elegance , passionate vocals , just good songs ! Can't say enough ! I love teh new Still in love with you , the other three will prob catch on. Some of the older stuff was instant likeness , and some took some time but was well worth the price !

it all started when i when on trip to boise idaho to see my pastor it was the best vacation ihad i was there a whold month and you know what i was supposed had brought all of my CDs, well i left them all at home an from being a long way home with no music, i check in my cd player just take a guess what was in there [Sade] so i played & play & playeeeeddddddd so i could'n play no more so i when down to the conner store and found some more of Sade wow so i bought that one they had the one i had an afew of her newer one i been hook since now i put her on my computer now so if my cds burn out again all i half to do is burn mmmmmmm ha ha..thanks sade u are all i listen too if you ever come to providence R.I. i hope to meet u back stage my dream Earlthepearl keep singing love ur music

Hi, my name is Africa Mabuza from South Africa (Joburg, Tembisa)been a fan of Sade from the age of 16. Thank you Sade for giving us real music, may the Lord Jesus Christ sustain you and bless you till the end of time. Hope to see you perform in SA one day,if I don't.....its cool, cos I know ill met you in heaven. Stay blessed!!!!!!!!

Jesus is Lord

Hi my name is Larry and I live in the San Francisco Bay Area in California. I have been listening to Sade since she released her first single, Smooth Operator. I would love to socialize with other fans in the SF Bay area. Can anyone guide me in the right direction?

my name is Christian, I live in Austria (near Vienna), 49 years old, single, and I've been a lover and collector of Sade's brilliant music since Diamond Life (unfortunately I missed the U4-gig). Her wonderful voice and beauty,the great musicians of her band, their sound and style, the all just fits perfectly together.Sade Adu is absolutely my favorite female singer, my queen of soul !
It took quite some time until I could see them live, but in May 2011 I made myself a birthday-present (I'm Taurus) and went to Munich -finally ! Fascinated and touched I had to go to the Vienna-show about 6 months later as well and I managed to get a front-row ticket for the first time in my life. What a highlight ,to see the person of my admiration performing just a few meters/feet in front of me Smiling

Although I'm not a professional artist, music is an important part of my life. I play the piano/keyboards, a little guitar and I listen to a lot of different kinds of music, like to go to concerts, dance and shake.
My favorite musician is Prince, one of the most productive ones on earh. I call him today's Mozart, funky Amade Eye-wink I've seen him 12 times live over 21 years and even have been to a soundcheck, which was another highlight of my life. I know Prince loves Sade's music - he once mentioned Love Is Stronger Than Pride to be such a beautiful song in a TV interview - and I am sure Sade likes some of Prince's songs and has respect for his talents, but I don't think a co-operation between this two strong personalities will ever take place - and maybe it's better like this. But who knows ?

Besides Music I like to go out in the nature, specially Mountain-trekking, a bit of skiing, swimming and tennis.
I did a lot of travelling, mostly in Europe and Asia (India, Nepal, Thailand, Indonesia) plus Marocco, Egypt and once I went to the USA.I also studied ethnology and tibetology but did not finish.
For my "spiritual health" (I left the roman catholic church) I practise some energetic movements in a group of fiends and try my best to listen to my heart.....

Last but not least I am a professional cook. And while I'm here I have to take the chance and ask THE question: does Sade maybe need a cook ? Or does her chef de cuisine need a commis ? I would be quite interested !! I know a fan-forum is not the proper way for an application, I just dont know better. But if anybody can give me an adress where i could send such a letter to, I would be thankful.


Awaiting october 15th

Hola! My name is Cleopatra and I was born in Caracas, Venezuela. As a teenager, I used to spent hours and hours in a radio station learning about different styles of music. My brother Marco Antonio was a radio announcer by then, he introduced me to the very fine artists. I first learnt about Sade through her album Love Deluxe. I sang and danced all the songs from this album, it was so fun. Then, of course, because she has a unique voice and style I was able to recognize all her songs from the radio. "Lovers Live" is an amazing album, the profoundness, softness, the rythm and beats, and the real feeling in the lyrics can fill an empty room with joy and harmony in any part of the world!. Then the freshness and exquisite "Soldier of Love". Sade is a tremendous human being, she is not just an artist, not just a performer.. she is the real thing!, very inspiring. I now live in New York City and I can't wait to be able to attend a live concert with Sade. To her, Thank you for sharing with us your passion for humankind through your voice and singing, and the rythm and beats that goes so nicely with it.

HI SADE I"M ON MOBY>COM be the one Paul Salopek related I like you a lot and It's that do I have inheritance? it's that man... Paul salopek Pulizter Prize Daoud Hari Nathaniel Ayers Schizophrenia CIA i think and thanks Natasha Brinsko... you are beloved...

Hi, everybody. My name is Segun Ayelagbe. I live in Lagos, Nigeria. I've been a fan of Sade ever since i was a kid and i happen to know one of her relations (Tope by name). I've always loved her music, the tone of her voice, her videos.... in short, everything about her and I've been longing to get know her better...or better still, meet her!
I've been listening to her music for about twenty one yrs(since i was eleven) and she has always had an effect on me which leaves me longing for her music more....and more!!!
I've followed her music on the international scene from the moment i understood what good music meant and i'll continue to appreciate her style of music.
I still hope to meet her one day- to express my love for her style, and i wish it would be soon.

As I mentioned, I come from Slovenia, Portoroz coastal town, close to Italy. Sade I had gathered from the first album in 1984, then my inclination is that exceptional person and a singer just escalated...
I was embarrassed to admit that I have not a great album Stronger than pride Sad

comment deleted

SP, Brasil

I'm a new member of the forum! I'm from Yaoundé in Cameroon - central Africa, my current location is Douala! I'm a Human Ressources Assistant, & I'm 26.
I used to love sade's music for so long because my eldest brother listen to them all the time. I started with "The Sweetest Taboo",I tried to know more about and I continued with "Your Love is King" and then with "Smooth Operator"I got the virus..............!
I(m happy to find you here.
thks to the owner of the forum.......who does a great job & you aloow me to feed my passion daily....


Hi, I´m a Brazilian journalist and translator, currently living in São Paulo, Brasil. I´ve known Sade for 20 years... but back then information about her and band was very scarce and rare. All we got was Smooth Operator on the radio once in a while, and that´s it.
Only much later I got to know her work. And her music has changed my life. And I feel like having wasted all my life until then without her and her band´s work. It´s my BIGGEST REGRET EVER.

So when I listened to "Is It a Crime" I fell immediately in love with the song... The soft, sophisticated, delicious sound blended with her cool voice. When I paid attention to the lyrics I couldn´t believe my ears... it expressed exactly what I feel, the way I feel, like no one will be ever able to put into words and music. I was SO, SO MOVED... and cried. I cried many times listening to that...
I especially LOVE THE SAXOPHONE, heart of most and the best songs. Matthewman is amazing, and the musical arrangement - it´s pure magic.

Then Sade is a sculpture of beauty... Plus, all her values, all she stands for, her humanity, all expressed in her songs and behavior. She´s such a role model in a world without any moral standards.
I do know she had her deal of big suffering in broken relationships, family, etc. But then again, overcoming and raising above it all to become what she has become... is epic.

It´s beyond music, it´s spiritual. She produces and sings when she feels like it. Unlike other artists she has no lust for money, even though she could make 3 times as much in a snap, so deservedly.

She sells tents of millions of copies while Pete Townsend (The Who) complains about his fans "stealing his son´s bicycle" when they download a song (can anyone be cheaper? he is so PATHETIC). Sade won´t open her private life, she won´t bash her ex-husbands/boyfriends in public like Madonna. She won´t look like a teenager cause she could have a Phd degree on how to dress up. And above all she won´t do drugs to look like a kid living in the 60´s and die before aging like M. Jackson, Whitney Houston, & the 27 club! And if she ever did any drug she knew how to do it. In time: I loved Amy Winehouse and considered her great enough to sing with Sade. What a loss.

SOLDIER OF LOVE: keeps in line with all her quality and greatness. It´s a fresh, modern change a bit away from the saxophone and keyboard. The lyrics are great, expressing more truth about love, fathers, etc. Love is Found: I listened to it for the FIRST TIME in her live concert in Rio!! I absolutely LOVED THIS SONG!! I was amazed by the rhythm, the way she sings "bo boo bo bo" imitating a heart beating... wow!! The performers in the background... I had a REAL BLAST.

Do not stop.

I´ll love Sade till my last day alive. I´ll applaud her when she turns 95 y.o. and sings "happy birthday" from a wheelchair, with whatever is left of her voice. If it ever happens and I´m alive, I´ll be there. All I want is not to be left in the world without her.

Thank you Sade for all you´ve done for me.


SP, Brasil

SADE is the BEST whatever happened to me in my life. -)

I am Andrea from Augsburg, Germany, and I am 50 years old..

No more words to say. but: "thank you, SADE Smiling

Andrea Smiling

Hallo Smiling
My name is Aljoša and I come from Slovenia. This year, I watched the first concert of the Queen.I can not wait!!! Sade has a very strong spiritual influence on me. I love this queen!
My facebook name Aljoša Pinterič

Hello, sticks here...i wanted to say ....i have been a Sade fan since the, a drummer I always have listened to bands that have unique percussion groove...Sade has delievered this I LOVE THIS BAND...! So, looking forward to the august show in California,Sticks

Hello Everyone!

My name is William and I have been a hardcore fan since the day I heard Smooth Operator. I am 49 years old now, so you can see that this journey has been a long one. I have never had the means to see the band live until this stage in my life. I have also played the bass off and on for over 29 years. I am not very good but I try!
I drove down from a small town in Virginia to see the band perform in Charlotte, NC Sunday night. We (the crowd) screamed and sang so hard and long that I am sure they could hear us on Mars!!! I, like many others have waited for over 25 years to get a chance to see Sade perform live....and I am here to tell you it was worth the wait!!!!!!!! The Lord shined his hand upon me during that Sunday afternoon as well... I had the opportunity to meet Paul and Stuart outside a store in a small courtyard around the corner from the Arena. I was absolutely in shock and could barely talk...LOL I want every body in the entire world to know that Paul and Stuart were super nice and being in their presence was one of the greatest thrills of my life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That was the Lord giving me a true blessing that afternoon of July 31, 2011! I would like to conclude by saying that Sade is a gift from God. A true gem that has made the world a brighter place for all of them having been in it and sharing their talents with us. I feel honored to be here with all of you as well!!!!!

Take care,

William S.

My name is Taylor Parker. I'm 17 years old and a resident of New Orleans, LA. I know I'm young but I have an affinity for classic music! I abosolutey love and honor Sade and what she stands for! I attended her concert on July 23rd and it inspired me to follow my dreams. I just graduated high school and I would love to work with Sade. I am a graduate of dance with 14 years of experience. Is there anyway for me to get into contact with her? if so please please please e-mail me at


Hi my name is Tyrone. Just saw Sade july 7th in Boston and she was Awsome. She sang every song to perfection. I waited more than 20 years to see her in concert and i was not disappointed. Does Sade receive fan mail ?

My name is Sonja, from Cleveland , Ohio (America) 38 yrs. old, married and 1 daughter that attend's Akron University (junior). I remember hearing my 1st Sada record back in the mid-late 80's, I was about 13yrs. old and that's when I feel in love with her as an artist. I can't believe she still looks the same now as she did over 20yes. ago. I work as a cashier at Aldi (grocery store), I've been there for 1yr, 3months and 19 days and I finally have a job that I actually love. I've been saved for over 16 yrs, I'm in love with my savor and Chrst.

sonja r shimer

Hello, another fan from Baltimore, MD. I love Sade’s music, their songs sooth the soul. I have been a Sade fan for some time, their music is pretty timeless. I was so blessed to have recently seen them in concert here in Baltimore. The show was absolutely unforgettable!

Hey Fans..I will be proposing to my girl at the Montreal concert on 6/30. Its a really special moment for us as you can imagine from two die hard Sade fans but i want to know how i can make this even more magical. Hit me with any ideas/help. Thank you

hi! my name is john and i'm from romania. I first heard one of sade's song on radio, ordinary love, and for a week I tried to find the song but i didn't knew the name or the artist. After I found out the name of the artist i realized that i had a few songs of her. Anyway, a very beautiful voice, but it's shame that in my country is not appreciated as it should . The moon and the sky remix ft jay-z -the best song ever.

Welcome all new fans! *WAVES*

I'm a fan (and you should be too) because...I was at a really tough state of my life. My mother had passed away from cancer in 2003 and I was in depression. I had met Inna (my wife to be) in September 2011 through an old friend shortly after my mom's passing. Inna was my savior from the state of mind I was in. She introduced me to Sade in the early stages of our relationship and I just couldn’t stay away from her music. Sade has gotten into my heart over the years and still keeps reminding me of the wonderful moments Inna and I had while going through my hardship. Sade's music and lyrics calm me down and make me at ease. Reading about Sade's life made me realize that she too had gone through a lot in her life.
I proposed to Inna in March 2009 to Sade's "By Your Side." She was ecstatic and in tears while saying yes to becoming my wife.

Sade is a one of a kind artist that communicates with me on a whole different level, mental and physical. I will never stop listening to her songs, even if she never releases any new albums, because listening to her previous albums still hits some feelings that were never hit before.

Thank you for everything!!!

I've been a fan since I was 12! Finally get to see this lady do her thing. Got my tickets yesterday and found out today I will be in Afghanistan : (

SO PUMPED about Sade releasing the new album!! My name txkboy. I have been a Sade fan for 20+ years. As it goes, I was stationed in Las Vegas, while I was in the US Navy. The stranges things happen there. I had stayed up all night for tickets to take my then girlfriend to see Vince Gill and Patty Loveless at the Aladdin. I went inside to get a cup of coffee. I saw this gorgeous woman putting up her leather bag in one of the side rooms to the showroom. I looked away for a moment. When I looked back up Sade was standing right in front of me!! I must of looked silly with my sheepish grin. I looked off to the side and saw her bodyguards standing up. I asked if she would like a cup of coffee, to which she said "Yes". Don't remember much after that. I'm old enough not to be star struck, but that day I certainly was. She was there for the Diggible Planets tour. BTW, of course I went and saw the was AWESOME!! Sade and her band are musicians I relay all younger musicians to, when the topic of proficient performers and musicians comes up.

Being in West Texas, we're starved for quality entertainment out here. We had Marroon 5 play here at Angelo State University last year. Prior to that, I think it was the 80's and the headliner was I'd like to lay down a dare for Sade and crew to play here!! Keep it timed.

Love Always,
Your Fan txkboy

Hi, I'm Vitovt. I am 49 years old. I'm from Minsk - the capital of Belarus. I became a fan of Sade in 1985, when I for the first time accidentally overheard her beautiful, great, extraordinary, magical voice, accompanied by the excellent music. Since then, the music and the voice of Sade is always with me.
I'm an amateur musician and play the keyboards in various bands. I'm keen on diving and endeavor to dive under the water in a variety of interesting places on Earth that are available to me.
I speak English badly, so please forgive me for any errors or inaccuracies. However, I aspire to, to know English better.
I'm happy to be on this forum. Thank you.

Gotta let Sade and everybody know how incredible her music really is,I am 40 years old,father of 3 grown children,one in the military.I grew up on some mean streets in Philadelphia,low income crime ridden neighborhoods,i had it rough to some but to me it was fun and rather easy,just glad i made it out alive and with no criminal record.I gotta tell you though i first heard Sade in 1988 right outta high school and listened to her music since,i was married for 16 years to someone who wasnt really interested in her music and was'nt really romantic,i am the opposite.Her music sets the tempo for me in a lotta ways,relaxing,soulful and real.I met someone a lil while ago and the first time she pulled up in my driveway at my house she had her windows down and Sade blasting on a CD she had in her car,WOW that was amazing!! People i know just dont get into her music,it was a breath of fresh air as most people i have met that are interested in her music tend to be very deep,soulful individuals.I am still seeing this person and we listen to Sade's music very often and it is a big part of our lives.I have given the gift of a SADE concert to her in Orlando,FL in a few months and she is incredibly excited as am I.Sade's music has a very special meaning to us,in stressful times,curveballs life throws at you,i just throw on some SADE in the i-pod and it all melts away.Thank you SADE for great lyrics,music and REAL soul,it means a lot to me.

watchin it all go by

watchin it all go by

Kenneth; Zenaida & Elaine 5 Years old THE D FAMILY

Kenneth; Zenaida & Elaine 5 Years old THE D FAMILY

Welcome to the forum. I'm not sure what you have exactly said though, but greetings to you anyway. :)

bonjour je suis français , j habite dans un village en haute provence , je suis artiste contemporain . 'princess' musicalement m 'a accompagnee toute ma vie ...... .jordan art.

why ? the reason ! in order to do short ; intinctive.....

To all new members. x

Hi! I'm Jame. I'm from the US.I have been a fan of Sade for long time ago. She is my favorite recording artist. I have all of her Albums/CD's and I can't wait until she comes to Detroit in concert. I've just visited this forum. Happy to get acquainted with you. Thank

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Hi, I am Tracy . I am a new member of forum. Would a newcomer be warmly welcome here? Good day you guys!!!


Hey trying to get use to the site, It is way pass my bed time and I'm here acting as if I don't have to get up EARLY to go to work this is so going to have an effect on me in the morning, but hey have to be ready saving and helping the little people (children). Sade, what to say she's great became a fan in the 90s still in college maybe. LOVE her music great to see her back. I was like I am so getting her new CD. My sister helped me so love my sister. We are both going to see Sade in NY LongIsland SMILE WIDE AS VICTORY LAKE haaaa smile. Now to put up a profile picture. See you in June 2011 Sade Lord's will.

Wonder if Sade reads any of this hey I am human gotta ask good nite all, this is so going to effect me in the morning.

To have a successful life and be a successful person, sister, friend, wife, mother, husband, brother, parent, JESUS CHRIST has to be first in your life. TESTMONY

I am so blessed to have finally gotten the opportunity to see Sade live here in Toronto. The last time she toured I was in the middle of a very difficult pregnancy and could not attend. I was heart broken. When she finally released her newest album, Soldier Of Love, I knew that eventually the chance would come again. I don't need to see another artist in concert. How can anyone top the Queen of all concerts. Thank you Sade for blessing us with your gift.

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