Sade's Daughter (performing on Leno)

Sade's Daughter (performing on Leno)

Was she on the left or the right on Leno. I'm thinking left. They switched positions between shows.

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The difference is what EXACTLY we talk about.

If we wish to discuss Sade's daughter in relation to whether or not she gave a live performance with her mother, and which one of the girls she was etc etc, then this is perfectly okay. The fact that Sade herself doesn't wish to introduce her daughter to the public is true - and she hasn't. But if she did by way of a music performance then this is up to her and she would expect us to talk about the performance.
Please do not worry, I checked earlier with management about this. It is fine.

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OK. What does this fact have to do with Sade's music in view of the fact that here we discuss just about Sade's music but not her family? Moreover if for the present Sade herself doesn't wish to introduce her daughter to public, isn't that so?

I really don't understand what you mean by double standards???? In this thread, people are asking if it is Sade's daughter singing/performing in the video. That's all there is to it.

Dear friend, are you sure that in this topic you are duscussing about Ila's voice or her manner of singing or how she writes her own music?

In another case somebody can think that you hold double standard... Eye-wink

Yes, we are discussing Sade's daughter BUT in relation to the music. So this is perfectly fine. Smiling
I am not "strict" as you put it. When I have to close or edit threads, I'm doing it in accordance with the rules here and in my role as moderator.

In all other circumstances, I'm posting as a fan of Sade just as yourself. Hope this explains where I'm coming from. Peace.

PS. Thank you for understanding, LRC. x
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Everything is all fine. Together with Cherry_Pie we have discussed all disputable issues in the Forum Feedback topic. My current question concerns the current topic only.

while I think Cherry Pie has rebound on some of our topics and thread I think she is doing a great job I wouldnt do it better than her !

Closing a topic even with a reason given is not nice but sometimes necessary specially that this awful forum is not user friendly merging topics are not possible yet. Im sure though that she does nt closes topics to annoy anyone.

Maybe you're right. But who knows...

As I already said I think that in any case you should wait up to that moment when Sade decides herself to introduce her daughter to public. Until that moment it more seems that you discuss about Sade's daughter but not Sade's music. Isn't that so, our strict moderator Cherry_Pie? (Of course all of this is just my personal oppinion.)

Hehe, thanks Smooth - you get it.
There is a distinct difference between discussing factual information regarding the music of Sade, to that of more private matters and the use of personal conjecture.

For answering the question about Ila. We're just curious, that's all.

That definitely was NOT Ila.

For whatever reason, Sade chose not to have her onstage and as her mother, I'm sure she is doing what she feels is best. Having her sing in the privacy of a studio and having her perform live on national TV are two very different things and I imagine Sade did not want her to be so exposed. Perhaps during the tour, Sade will feel comfortable enough to let her sing with her onstage since that will be for Sade fans only.

Incidentally, Ila does not look like Sade, she has her own distinct look, as she should, and she is very tall for 13. Much taller than the two girls onstage and probably already taller than mom. She sort of looks like the older Obama daughter. But now that the question has been answered, I think we shouldn't discuss Ila anymore and let her have her privacy until Sade or Ila decides otherwise.


Well Sade and Bob Morgan weren't married and so perhaps that is the reason why Ila's last name is 'Adu' and not 'Morgan'. In any case Sade has her daughter credited as Ila 'Adu' on the Soldier of Lover Album.

... just my two cents here...

Note: Ila would actually be Ila Morgan, not Ila Adu (last name of her father).

hey its still a nice song! sheesh! I could understand her wanting to protect her daughter's identity.

There is a difference between this discussion and the one involving Sade's BF. Sade's daughter is credited on the song as a background singer so it is natural for people to wonder if the person seen in the performance doing backup is in fact her daughter. I don't see an issue with this at all. As it is I doubted from the start that this was the case and til someone in the know says otherwise I do not think it is her daughter.

I saw a tweet from Holly Robinson Peete staying the shorter girl is Ila. For me she looks just like Sade especially when she smiled and camera caught a side view of her.

People are really strange...

1. Some weeks ago one post has appeared here and somebody has told that he knows Sade's boy-friend. At once several fans have tried to stop the discussion saying that it is very disrespectful to discuss somebody's privat life. But now people imperturbably discuss about Sade's daughter. Where is a logic??

2. I think that if Sade would wish to introduce her daughter to public then she would do so. But Sade hasn't done it. So...

unfortunately I cannot unveil my source, but perhaps cherry pie can confirm that, so everyone will relax !



I also say none of them is her daughter ! I thought the shortest girl could have been, but heard from trustful source that none of them was ! her daughter. Someone on YouTube claims to know both girls and says they are both from a performing arts school in the LA area. Not surprising - would she really pull her daughter out of school to go do promo stuff on the road. Don't think so.

On the "Dancing with the stars" i think Sade's daughter standing on the right:) So lovely smily girl.She is sweet and beautiful like her mom.


I think Ila standing on the left.She is beautiful like her mother.She have the same smile like SADE:)



Ah right. I thought both looked too old for 14 anyway. Sade chose those girls well though to have us speculating about resemblances here and

sorry to disappoint but the girls are from a performing arts school in the LA area.

How do you know? The taller looks like a darker version of Sade to me. If that is not Ila then they are definitely related.

That was most definitely Ila on DWTS...the first thing my husband and I saw were her ears were shaped and slanted nearly exactly like Sade's LOL. There was no mistaking the beauty of Sade's ears. On second glance, we recognized the same face shape, younger version of Sade! She's so beautiful, just like her mom!!! Read in Ebony that Sade had serious reservations about letting Ila perform Baby Father and anticipated having to make this decision. So very happy she ultimately allowed her daughter to perform with her. What an honor for us! I'm sure it was no accident that the camera did not pan much on the backup singers, allowing some element of protection. Cannot wait to see Sade in concert again!!!

Actually guys neither girl is Ila. It's possible that Sade did not want Ila to be so exposed or for whatever reason, but neither of these girls is Ila.

The taller girl looks exactly like Sade but she looks older than 14. In fact they both look older than 14 so I am not sure if any of them were Ila. I would say the taller one though.

is this really really true,
Ila is the taller of the back up singers.

Actually you are incorrect. On Leno the shorter one was on the left and on DWTS she was on the right but thanks for sharing your thoughts!


Ila is the short one and no they didn't switch places, they stayed in the same spot. The tall girl doesn't favor Sade but the short one is Sade's twin.