What does Bob Morgan and Ila Morgan look like. Has anbody seen either in public?

What does Bob Morgan and Ila Morgan look like. Has anbody seen either in public?

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kylesmom, thanks for giving us a little update on Ila while remembering to respect her privacy. Since Sade has her in a 'disguise' in the Babyfather video, then she must not be ready to introduce her publicly. Incidentally, when I saw Sade on Kimmel back in February, I knew just from the way Sade looked at this girl that it had to be Ila. Since then I've seen several pics of her to confirm that. We had a schoolfriend of Ila's post a few months ago and from your post and hers, it's good to know that Ila is a good and loving person. I'm glad Sade let her sing on the Babyfather song. I know it's only natural to be curious about Sade's daughter, but let's remember that she is a 14-year old girl and is not a public figure.

Ila's name is Adu now instead of Morgan. It was changed yrs ago. I have tons of pics of Ila and Bobby, also Bobby has 3 sons, 1 in england and 2 in Jamaia. I would like to post pics of them, but i do respect their privacy. When Ila finishes boarding school, im sure she will be in front of the camera if she chooses to do so. Sade is very private and wants to keep her loved ones safe. She and Ras met in London and it was love at first sight. She tells her story in her song "Babyfather". She tells Ras "she liked his eyes, she wanted more" because he has beautiful hazel eyes. Ras tells her"the baby gonna have your smile, for sure" cuz Sade has a beautiful smile. Bobbys 3 boys all have his eyes, but not Ila. She has her moms eyes. Ila is veerry tall, slim, an a little tomboyish. She's a very loving child. She has a dimple in her chin, her nose is alittle wide like her dads. She don't have freckles like her mom. If you have watched her sing Soldier of Love on the Jimmy Kimmel show then u have already seen Ila's face. Pay attention to the camera veiw, on the part "I am lost, but i don't doubt" Ila's the girl with the blue shirt and braids, who smiles at her mom. She looks nothin like her mom, and if u see her out or on tv u would never see a resemblance of Sade.

i think its great that pics of sade are hard to come by--especially her partners and child. (has there ever been a pic of carlos scola?) i love the fact that she puts the lie to all these celebrities who court fame and complain about invsasion of their privacy. she proves it can be done. you can be an artist and still have a life. think about how we all felt when sade's website suddenly came alive and our first glimpse at her amazing face after no sign of her for almost 10 years. i can't think of one artist who is able to retain control of her image and mystique in this day and age like she can--and bravo to her!


I remember around the Lovers Rock, there was a pic of Sade walking with her. Looked cute, had an afro Smiling But yeah, that's many years ago...10!

Actually, I remember there was a photo of Sade with Ila posted a long time ago when Ila was just a baby. It's a pic of Sade holding baby Ila in a blanket. of course, Ila must look so different now; she's a teenager now.


All of us & no pix of man or daughter?
I find this amazing, don't you?
We don't have any pics of them on Sade Fans International either.